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We suddenly realized that this is OUR author site and we can do whatever we want with it, so in the spirit of freedom of speech, we have an entire section dedicated to our cat, Piglet.

Piglet is Good Looking

Isn't she stunning?

When we were making this site, there were all these tabs to populate with content. We don't have much "content" per se, but we do have cat pics on our phone. 


We got Piglet last year and our infatuation with her is nothing short of creepy. She might need to take out a restraining order on us. 

She Took the Dog's Bed

She's got a major pair of cojones

When we got her, she hissed at the dog for the first day until she realized she has a major pair of cojones. Since then, she's taken over his bed, slaps him across the face and won't let him go up the stairs or leave a room.

Now, she chases him through the house - and when she's feeling sentimental - cleans his eyeballs while he's trying to sleep. 

The Slap

She totally owns him

Chewy is now a slave to Piglet. She tells him when he can move about the house and where he can sleep (answer: not in his bed). She slaps him when he missteps. 

Not Allowed to Leave

He can leave the bathroom when she says so


Often we'll hear growling coming from the bathroom and find her standing by the door, not allowing him to leave. It's pretty rude, but also amazingly brazen. She also guards the stairs and will swat him if he tries to go up or down.

Brazenly Showing Her Cajones

An in-your-face act of defiance

While sleeping beside him, she opens her legs to reveal her conjones and send us a powerful message about who wears the fuzzy pants.


She Likes to Eat Our Flesh for Dinner

Also, we should trim her nails


We're not sure if we'll actually survive her residency here. How long do cats live? 16 years or so? How much are skin grafts? 

A Forced Cleaning

It's not on his terms


She holds Chewy's head down with her paw and cleans him violently.

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