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Raising a girl in a world that’s hypercritical of female appearance, we were determined to write strong female characters after realizing that the media available to our daughter was making her cognizant of her appearance. The Pinkaboos are adventurous chapter books that provide kids with creative ways to overcome their fears. 

The Pinkaboos: Bitterly and the Giant Problem



In the first book in the series, Bitterly and the Giant Problem (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $7.99), the most promising “Fright” must face an antagonistic classmate and overcome her own worst nightmare before she can learn to help other girls.

The Pinkaboos: Belladonna and the Nightmare Academy


In the second installment, Belladonna and the Nightmare Academy (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $7.99), Belladonna and the Pinkaboos search for the bravery to scare away ghosts while dealing with the school bully, Vex. With positive messages and role models, The Pinkaboos will help empower young girls as they learn that heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and strength and beauty come from within. 

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