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We've received some pretty nice book reviews and also traveled the vast plains of Orange County to promote our books. So we created this page to prove it, because people like evidence. 

Readers Favorite


"The book speaks about a relevant and important topic and is laced with whimsy and magic. It is an attractively presented story that will capture reader attention. The book has some excellent tactics that will help kids overcome their fears. The story is highly imaginative with delightfully expressed moments to keep kids glued to the pages." Read the full review here.

Kirkus Reviews

“A compelling story that just might teach young readers something about facing their fears of things that go ‘bump’ in the night.” Read the full review here.

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52 copy
Coto de Caza, Mission Viejo and Ladera Ranch News


"Collaboratively, the couple wrote The Pinkaboos chapter books for two reasons. Firstly, their daughter Molly was terrified of bedtime, so they wanted to create brave female characters that could teach little girls how to fight their fears. And secondly, they wanted to offer children characters whose inner traits were the focus." Read the full article here.

Daddy Mojo


"It’s one that they’ll re-read a couple of times and share between friends. Parents can easily see small groups of girls themselves The Pinkaboos, and that’s a good thing." Read the full review here.

The Toy Book


“Filled with positive messages and role models…sure to help kids overcome their nightmares.”

A Nation of Moms


"It is great for beginner chapter readers, with bright pictures on about every other set of pages.  My daughter is 7 and has been reading chapter books consistently, and even though she usually has the patience to make it through a book that doesn’t have pictures, the addition of some fun illustrations is helpful, especially when the book has some very unique characters – the illustrations really bring those characters to life!" Read the full review here.

Everything Children's Literature


"I quickly became invested in the story, which is imaginative and fun. I liked that it didn't shy away from some dark elements, like a fright who is a school bully becoming a Nightmare. Before starting to read, I wasn't sure if the message of "overcoming your fears" would be too heavy handed, but the authors do a good job of "show, don't tell" and focus on the imaginative details of their invented world." Read the full review here.

It's Story Time on Red River Radio with JD Holiday


Listen to Jake's interview with JD Holiday.

I Sniff Books


"Dare I say that if you take a bit of Harry Potter and some Monsters Inc and mix them together you get the Pinkaboos? Yes, I will say it! The Pinkaboos are that awesome!"

Is There Anything Bigger Than the El Segundo News?

(Shut up. That was a rhetorical question.)

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