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The Best Children's Authors Ever? 

Who do these jerks think they are, anyway?

Sure, it's an annoying statement, but we figured that the SEO value alone of making it our URL would make us famous enough to quit our day jobs. And we also hoped that in making such a bold statement, some of you may visit this site out of a mixed bag of emotions, such as anger and curiosity. So if you're reading this, we were right!


We're Laura and Jake Gosselin, authors of the The Pinkaboos, a series we wrote to help our daughter overcome her nighttime fears. We were also exhausted of the media available to her as we navigated though the mine fields of princesses, Bratz Dolls, Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty... and all the other warped depictions of the female experience targeted at young girls. So we created a new world for our little girl to love. In the world of The Pinkaboos, there are no love interests or “happily ever afters” courtesy of marriage. No one is saved by true love's kiss. In the world of The Pinkaboos, little girls fight their fears and learn how to be brave.

The Pinkaboos


Meet The Pinkaboos™, a girl-powered adventure series designed to help girls ages 7–10 conquer their fears and self doubt. The Pinkaboos takes place in The Land of Frights, where best friends Bitterly, Abyssma, and Belladonna attend Fright School, a magical academy that teaches young Frights how to enter the dreams of little human girls and help them overcome their nightmares. These strong, independent female characters face issues that girls can relate to, like dealing with bullies and not fitting in.


Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing

“A compelling story that just might teach young readers something about facing their fears of things that go ‘bump’ in the night.” 

Kirkus Reviews


The book speaks about a relevant and important topic and is laced with whimsy and magic. It is an


attractively presented story that will capture reader attention."

Readers Favorite

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